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The Town of Payson is updating its Unified Development Code (UDC). Since the UDC adoption in 1996 the Town has identified many areas where the code can be improved and streamlined. Also, several changes in State law, Federal law, and case law have occurred which impact what and how land uses may be regulated. There are several goals for the UDC update.

Project Goals

Implement the updated General Plan

Streamline the administration of the UDC

Eliminate conflicting regulations

Make the document easy to read and use

Protect the quality of life, property value, and community character

Comply with Federal, State, and Case law

What is the Unified Development Code?

The Unified Development Code (UDC) contains development standards that affect how and where new land uses, structures, subdivisions, and developments may be developed in Payson. These regulations implement the General Plan, which contains goals, policies, and actions designed to promote community character, protect quality of life, and protect property values. A well-designed UDC also supports the local economy and small businesses and enhances public safety.

A UDC consolidates all regulations related to land development in one document.  This typically includes zoning standards, design standards, and subdivision regulations; however, it can also include other related land use regulations such as tree preservation regulations and historic preservation ordinances. Placing all relevant land use regulations in a UDC helps the Town more effectively administer the code and helps property owners, businesses, and developers be more informed about all applicable land development codes that affect their property.

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